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First ranting of a James obsessed one

Well, I'm new here... as you probably will notice, but alright... Damned, I'm nervous for no reason.

hehe, ok ok I adore James Potter (yes yes, another hp obsessed one) And I really can't help but feel utterly frustrated by the fact he had to die. Ok, Lily maybe, but why him? Harry would have a better life, I would have a better life, so...

Now why do I adore the hottie with glasses? Well, it started with hating actually, but as you all know, there is a thin line between hate/love. I hated him for taunting my ex-love Sev. But, then I started to like his carefree attitude, his arrogance, ... *sighs* everything actually, and let me say it was hard to admit that I loved him.

But ok thanks to the wonderful world of fanfic writing, he's more alive for me. Maybe just maybe there will happen some unbelievable miracle in the last hp books... I can hope, can't I?

Now I want to share a fanfic from mine to you guys, don't know if you will like it (be warned, I'm insecure!) but ok...

See me as I am (James/OC)(M-rated)

But ok, see ya!!! (I hope I didn't bother you guys that much...)
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