.Apostrophe. (kora_lye) wrote in alive_to_me,

Scar-Lion King
Nuka-Lion King 2
Dinobot-Beast Wars
Morgra-The Sight
Bran-The Sight
Smeagol-Lord of the Rings
Mort Rainey-Secret Window, Secret Garden
Tak-Invader Zim (I think she's dead....oO; )
Tsume-Wolf's Rain
Toboe-Wolf's Rain
Darcia-Wolf's Rain
When I was six I was OBSESSED with the idea that Disney would one day make a sequel in which Scar was actually alive...
Has any one here seen Beast Wars? I'm trying to buy the DVD so I can see how Dinobot died, because I missed the episode when he actually croaked. (So don't tell me if you know how he died.) I cried anyway, though. oO;
I have a prediction on a future character death, also.
I think that Snape will die. He just...HAS to die. There's no way out. Either he's on Voldemort's side, in which case he'll get whacked by the Order of the Pheonix, or he killed Dumbledore for some reason that would aid the Order, and the supporters of Voldemort will kill him. Does any one else have any other theories on that...?

Concerning Wolf's Rain...
The characters are reborn, obviously, but how? Does any one think that the wolves become humans, and the humans become wolves?
Hello, new here. This community hasn't died, has it?
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