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VeeTee is here. >D

Joining for none other than Sirius Black from HP (HE'S NOT BLOODEH DEAD, WE ALL KNOW IT. XDD)

And for Mirai Gohan from DBZ. ;; I cried when he dead. So tragic.

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I joined for my Beloved Boromir and Haldir of Lord of the Rings fame. Now I know it was written that Boromir died but I still cried anyways. But Haldir...he was not supposed to be at that battle, he was not supposed to die. Curse Pter Jackson for taking such creative liberties, curse him.
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Greetings and whatnot

I just want to say that I joined for Smith.

I was depressed for literally a month after Revolutions. Not only did he die, but the treatment they gave his character was nothing short of sacrilege. In my mind he lives as he did in the first Matrix.

That is all.